Seasoned clinical supervisors available on-demand
Where you need us: at your facility, our office or online

Clinical Supervisors

As our name describes, we provide cost-effective, on-demand seasoned, clinical supervisors to organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Our services are invaluable when:

Despite the growing demand for mental health services, we have a deep bench of supervisors in nearly all sectors (such as Non-Profits) and specialties including:

Our clinical supervisors can help ensure therapists focused upon obtaining their license never miss a beat and your organization provides quality patient care. Our clinical supervisors are available for individual or group sessions, and they can review workflow and conduct training as required.

Your Office, Our Office or Online

Importantly, our clinical supervisors are available for sessions at your location, in our office or online using our time-saving, HIPPA-compliant technology making scheduling, note taking, record keeping, and personal interaction (such as online chat and video) simple and easy.

  • With decades of experience helping organizations of all sizes, we provide true added value by:

    • Providing experienced supervisory talent during periods of limited staffing or organizational change.
    • Reducing the stress, turnover and burnout of your staff.
    • Driving morale and retention through effective supervision, training and right-sizing staffing levels.
    • Ensuring your organization meets all legal requirements.
    • Allowing you to focus upon your core business objectives while saving money.


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