Sleep well at night knowing your organization meets legal requirements

Legal, Regulatory and Organizational Risk Assessment ServiceNew Service

With increased demand for mental health services and the changing legal and regulatory environment (such as AB5 and changes in BBS), organizations need to understand and ensure compliance with today's requirements. Failure to do so can result in:

To help organizations, we have developed a vitally important Assessment Service. Over the course of one to three days, we'll meet with you and your staff to conduct an in-depth review of your program. Based upon our decades of experience, we'll identify issues, highlight risks, and develop a written mitigation roadmap. We will assess:

  1. Legal risks associated with your program:
    • Perception and description (including credentials) of your program providing counseling or therapy.
    • Documentation for assessments, treatment plans and session notes.
    • HIPPA compliance and use of Electronic Health Records.
    • Adherence to legal and ethical obligations—including the separation of information.
    • Employee vs. contractor designation.
    • Organizational and personal liability risks.
  2. Supervision non-compliance
    • Impact upon those working toward their licensure, and the ability of your organization to fulfill its mission.
  3. Caseload evaluation
  4. Diversity and inclusiveness
  5. Engagement levels of your mental health professionals

The written report and consultation identifies the changes required so you can sleep at night. Once any shortcomings are successfully addressed, we can issue our Assessment Certificate indicating adherence to the dimensions we evaluate.

If you currently manage or work for a non-profit organization providing counseling, guidance or therapy, this is a must-have service for you.


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