We are your one-stop source for clinical supervisors and training required to keep your organization running smoothly, efficiently and in accordance with all legal requirements.

  • Supervision

    Clinical Supervisors

    We provide affordable, on-demand seasoned, clinical supervisors to organizations of all sizes and industries despite an increased demand for mental health services and a shortage of supervisors.

    • Our clinical supervisors are available for individual or group sessions and they can work with your staff on your site, in our office or online.
    • We have a deep bench of clinical supervisory talent in nearly all sectors and specialties including LMFTs, LCSWs and BCBAs.
    • Our clinical supervisors ensure therapists focused upon obtaining their license never miss a beat to maintain the quality of patient care.
    • Importantly, our clinical supervisors use our time-saving, HIPPA-compliant technology making scheduling, note taking, record keeping, and personal interaction (online chat and video) simple and easy.
    • We enable you to confidently meet all legal requirements so you can focus upon your core mission.

    You will not find a more experienced, affordable or flexible clinical supervisory solution to keep your organization running smoothly. Read more

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  • Assessment

    Legal and Regulatory Risk AssessmentsNew Service

    With increased demand for mental health services and the changing legal and regulatory environment (such as AB5 and changes in BBS), organizations need to understand and ensure compliance with today's requirements. Failure to do so can result in:

    • Loss of current funding.
    • Difficulty in obtaining future funding.
    • Loss of credentials and ability to serve the community.
    • Liability risks for the organization and individual employees.

    Over the course of one to three days, we'll meet with you and your staff to conduct an in-depth review of your program. We'll identify issues, highlight risks, and develop a written mitigation roadmap.

    Once any shortcomings are successfully addressed, we can issue our Assessment Certificate.

    If you currently work for a non-profit organization providing counseling, guidance or therapy, this is a must-have service for you. Read more.

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  • Training


    Training is an essential component for any professional organization—and mandated for many. Our seasoned clinical supervisors have seen it all and we have developed specialized training available on an individual or group basis.

    Our training sessions can be conducted on-site or remotely—depending upon your organization's needs. A selection of the available training topics include:

    1. Engagement Training (Client/Patient Engagement)
    2. Emotional First Aid
    3. Treatment Planning and Transitions
    4. Suicide Prevention and Education
    5. Vicarious Trauma and the Importance of Boundaries
    6. Motivational Interviewing 1 & 2
    7. Leadership Training: Team Building and Leadership Development
    8. Psychological Safety - Team Building for C-Levels/Leadership Teams

    If you don't see the training you require or have questions, please inquire below. Read more.

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With decades of experience helping organizations of all sizes, we provide true added value by:

    1. Providing experienced supervisory talent during periods of limited staff or organizational change.
    2. Reducing the stress, burnout and turnover of your staff.
    3. Driving morale and retention through effective supervision, training and right-sizing staffing levels.
    4. Ensuring your organization meets all legal requirements.
    5. Allowing you to focus upon your core business objectives while saving money.

Our processes are designed to be easy for those seeking supervisory or training services, either in-person or online.

  • Easy Start-Ups

    Easy Onboarding

    Within minutes of your telephone call or the completion of our online form, we'll begin mobilizing on your behalf.

    Using our deep network of professionals, we'll contact the right clinical supervisors or trainers with the precise requirements you seek.

    We'll align competencies, licenses, schedules, supported insurance, and whether you require services on-site or remotely to find the perfect professional for you.

  • Great Technology

    Great Technology

    Our professionals will arrive with proven, time-saving, HIPPA-compliant technology to make scheduling, note taking, record keeping, and personal interaction (online chat and video) simple and easy.

    Our technology will keep you current with all requirements and help you avoid the fear and chaos often associated with audits.

  • Flexibility


    Our services are available for temporary to ongoing engagements—enabling vacations and unexpected absences to be handled with ease.

    Importantly, the professionals who work with you will be available as long as you need—developing productive relationships without the concern of churn.

  • Real Savings

    Real Savings

    Regardless of the term, you will save money using Clinical Supervision Now.

    See how much savings here.

    Unlike others, all of our professionals are seasoned veterans with an average of 10 years of experience—and they will review and suggest enhancements to meet today’s reporting requirements.

    Our hourly rate for individual or group activities is all you pay.

    We pay all local, state and Federal taxes and all benefits.

If you have not yet engaged Clinical Supervision Now, please contact us regarding our new client offer.