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Case Study: On-Demand Clinical Supervision Staffing


An experienced Director of Clinical Supervision departed due to burnout. As pressure built, the Director called in sick more frequently resulting in a significant backlog of his responsibilities. As the organization struggled to meet its commitment to 8 pre-licensed associates, each became overwhelmed, received inconsistent training, experienced waning morale, and were concerned about satisfying their licensing requirements per new State law.

Citing stress and a desire for a less burdensome role, the Director ultimately resigned. Regrettably, the Director's lack of performance resulted in the avoidable departures of others, further stressing the organization.


To resolve the situation, the organization hired Clinical Supervision Now (CSN) who immediately provided a seasoned supervisor delivering two 2-hour supervision groups and 8 hours of individual supervision. We:

Economic Benefit

Not only did CSN help reduce future staffing costs by driving morale and retention, the organization also reduced its payroll expense by hiring CSN. This is possible as CSN charges an all-inclusive hourly rate based upon hours of supervision -- not a 40-hour work week. Comparing apples-to-apples, CSN is substantially more economical than a salaried position, particularly when considering taxes, benefits and 401K matches.

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