About Clinical Supervision Now

Our Leadership

  • Frank Del Fiugo
    Chief Executive Officer

    Frank Del Fiugo

  • Frank is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Clinical Supervision Now.

    Frank has decades of experience working with emotionally charged situations, addressing and resolving personal and professional conflict, resolving peer disputes, addressing communication deficiencies, and fostering leadership development. Frank works with public and private companies in Silicon Valley, southern California, and nationally. Frank is also available to work with any governmental agency requiring GSA certification.

    Frank is a professional speaker and provides training on leadership, stress management, dealing with difficult people, and high impact communication. He is also the author of a book focused upon aggression and anger management.

    Frank earned his BA in psychology from University of Southern California and his Master’s degree in psychology from JFK University.

    Telephone: 408.219.5377

    EMail: frank@clinicalsupervisionnow.com

  • Brianne Baker
    Chief Clinical Officer

    Brianne Baker

  • Bri is the Chief Clinical Officer and is founder of Clinical Supervision Now.

    Bri provides extensive training across California for mental health providers and also provides BBS clinical supervision to over 40 clinicians.

    As a clinician, Bri is trained in multiple treatment models including: Trauma Focused-CBT, Reflective Practice, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), and Brief Strategic Family Therapy.

    With a BA from Claremont McKenna College in psychology and an MA in counseling psychology from the University of San Francisco, Bri is licensed marriage and family therapist in California. For 16 years Bri has been serving the community and providing mental health services in many arenas including trauma informed care treatment, family therapy, community based therapy, couples therapy, group therapy and individual therapy with children and adults.

    Telephone: 408.219.5377

    EMail: brianne@clinicalsupervisionnow.com